Exercise Power Over McDonald’s Happy Meals

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Culture, Food
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The following is a Letter To the Editor I wrote and was published in the local paper. It was in response to an article regarding a consumer group blaming McDonald’s Happy Meals for child obesity:

Happy Meal toys promote child obesity? That’s akin to claiming a gun grew hands and killed a man all by itself. While I will agree it is ludicrous for the fast food giant to claim their meals are healthy (why is it necessary to include 9 grams of sugar caramel dip with apples?), it is equally ludicrous to blame them for America’s obsession with convenience. After all, there has never been a case of McDonald’s prying a child’s mouth open and forcing parents to shovel chicken nuggets down their throat.

It’s time for some real accountability, Mom and Dad. When little Timmy asks for a Happy Meal, don’t give in to your own need for a quick fix; just say “no.” You wouldn’t give in to a request for crack no matter how good the marketing or how much he cried for it, right?

If you don’t take responsibility now, and Timmy turns into an obese, crack-fueled teenager begging for a Big Mac, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

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  2. blackwatertown says:

    What are you suggesting? Use common sense? Not gratify every whim the instant it is voiced? Are you crazy?
    I live with an 8 year old who asks why the police cannot just go a bulldoze McDonalds outlets, leaving, maybe, one per country. It’s slightly alarming but endearing that she still holds the police in such high regard.

  3. I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I read this in The Guardian:
    Cardiologists propose putting pills beside salt and ketchup to balance heart disease risk. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/aug/12/fast-food-free-drugs-heart-disease

    • natinanorton says:

      As if people aren’t already popping enough pills for things these days. Why don’t they just offer a joint before the meal to increase appetite, crack to ensure you lose the fat you’re ingesting, and a suicide tablet for after the meal to cure the rest of us from having to live with this stupidity?

      GOD! I hate people.


  4. Hahahaha OMG that was hilarious! XD

  5. I’m not even so sure that parents would refuse to give their children crack no matter how good the marketing. I think marketing is key here.

    Crack happens to get bad PR, but if it was marketed as extensively as McDonald’s (and was legal), I’m afraid people wouldn’t think twice before buying it for their children, even though it’s no secret how bad it is for you.

    It’s no secret how bad fast food is for you, yet people blindly keep consuming it. People are zombies like that.

    Nice going on getting this published. 🙂

    • natinanorton says:

      Thanks for the feedback! You’re right actually. Humans are not only a-holes, but sheep. I’ve found the American population is especially programmed to consume everything from food and clothing to entertainment. And they’ll believe anything they hear as well, whether it’s in advertising or on Fox News. I can just see the ad now, sponsored by the Crack Producers of America:

      Work getting you down? Wanna feel an unnatural sense of euphoria, alertness AND lose weight? Now you too can follow in the glamorous footsteps of celebrities like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston…. TRY CRACK!

      Decease your social and sexual anxieties while shedding those unwanted pounds along with the respect of those around you!

      And if you act now, we’ll also throw in a toy and a sample gram for the kids! Give yourself and your kids the gift of CRACK!

      *Warning: May cause nausea, vomiting, paranoia, insomnia, heart attack, stroke and death – so only slightly more dangerous than a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

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